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Part pinball machine, part 3rd person platformer "Robot Pinball Escape" puts you in the chrome shoes of Tilt, a scrappy transforming robot with a big dream of trying to beat a living pinball tournament to win a rocket-ship and escape to the land of his robo-dreams.

Developed by the University of Utah's EAE Master Games Studio Program, Robot Pinball Escape features Tilt, who can transform to play two ways: as a robot or a pinball in a world that focuses on two different planes, a pinball table which you must beat to access aerial platforming challenges.


About RPE

Robot Pinball Escape Released on Desura! Go here to get your free copy.  Many thanks to the University of Utah, EAE: Master Games Studio, Team Pinball Wizards and our families.  Please be sure to like our Facebook page to get updates.

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